My family...My life...My fitness journey...

My family...My life...My fitness journey...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Secret Sodium BOMB!

You may be surprised to learn that one food that you may eat every day chews up nearly 50% of your daily recommended sodium allowance. The culprit?  YOUR SANDWICH!

I know, devastating, right?  But don't let it get you down!  You CAN eat a healthy sandwich every day and this is how.

1. Whenever possible, make your own sandwich rather than get one out. Sandwiches from your local restaurants tend to be much higher in sodium and calories due to increased seasonings and condiments, more processed ingredients, and larger portions in general.

2. Skip the processed lunch meats and make a sandwich using leftover chicken, fish, or steak that you cooked yourself. ALWAYS bulk cook those proteins! And, you can even skip the meat all together!

3. Load your sandwich up with plenty of fresh ingredients like veggies, avocado, and fresh herbs. Consider going condiment-less!

4. You HAVE to have cheese on it? Stick to brick cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, or swiss cheese, which all have 150mg of sodium or less per serving (less than half that of many other varieties).

5. You may not think of bread as salt, but breads are often a hidden source of sodium with many brands packing around 250mg of sodium into a single slice. Look for lower sodium, natural breads in the freezer section of the grocery store like Ezekiel Bread.

6. If you like nut butter sandwiches, be sure to choose a natural variety with no salt added and you’ll skip the sodium altogether. Bonus: Most of the unsalted added varieties have no sugar added either, to keep calories in check. The big thing here, keep it to 2 tbsp, no more!

7. For canned ingredients, such as beans or tuna, be sure to look for lower sodium options. You can also rinse and drain beans before using to cut the sodium by 40%.

8. Skip the chips. Chips are NOTORIOUS for having too much sodium! Even the healthier options! Why not throw in carrots and hummus or snap peas as an alternative? Now, go out and make some healthy choices, cut down that sodium, and enjoy a GOOD sandwich!

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