My family...My life...My fitness journey...

My family...My life...My fitness journey...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

7 Tips to STAY on track with your workouts!

Staying fit is a super power, so to speak.  There are times where it is VERY hard to stick to your routine. Exercise can improve your energy levels, sleep quality, body composition, and overall health. But, sometimes all the benefits can be thwarted by our hectic lives. But, don't let that stsop you, some simple changes in your behaviors can really help you get over the hurdles presented daily, making reaching and maintaining your fitness goals almost as easy as pushing play.
Set reasonable goals. Start with activities that seem attainable and reasonably challenging, then set a goal to engage in that activity at least a few times per week.  The perks we get from working out, kick in if you do a minimum of 150 minutes of moderately-intense exercise per week. That’s about 21 minutes per day!
Schedule it. It doesn't get easier than setting up an appointment time every day for you to get your sweat on!. Many people find it’s easier to stick to an exercise routine in the morning while others find they have more energy in the afternoons. But neither is ideal if the time isn’t convenient for you. The key is to find a time that works for YOU and to stick with it!
Get the gear. You know it and I know it.  Your gear makes you feel a certain kind of way!  I love when I get new workout clothes or a new set of adjustable weights.  But even more important is finding the right pair of training shoes, depending on the activity you are doing!  Wearing colors and textures you enjoy may also help keep you motivated to suit up and head out.
Plan ahead. One of my dear friends lays her workout clothes out EVERY NIGHT before she goes to bed.  She is setting herself up for success by doing this.  There is no questioning the workout when she wakes up.  But, if you don't work out first thing in the morning, make sure you get that bag ready for the gym or have the gear laying out on your bed for when you get home. 
Buddy up. I don't think I would get most of my workouts in if it weren't for my bestie, Diana.  She motivates me on the days I just don't want to.  Most everything is more fun with friends. It also increases workout accountability and enjoyment. If showing up or making time to exercise is your biggest challenge, having someone to be accountable to could be all you need.
Sleep and rest well. Quality sleep makes for effective exercise, and helps ensure that you have the mental gusto to show up. Cultivate a healthy sleep schedule, and stick to to routine sleep and waking times as often as you can.
Cut yourself some slack. Aiming for perfection can work against you. If you miss a workout, don’t beat yourself up. Rather than do that, take it as a sign you need a day of rest, regroup, and get back at it the following day. If your goals are a bit to challenging and you find yourself struggling, reassess them. It’s better to work out at a lower intensity or for less time for a while than not at all. If you’re still struggling, find someone to help, like myself!  I would love to keep you motivated and moving forward!

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